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The Burnaby Horsemen's Association offers self-board for members only. Stall rentals are prioritized for Burnaby residents, although we encourage members from communities throughout the Lower Mainland to inquire, subject to availability. 

Monthly rental is $250/month and members are responsible for the daily care and exercise of their horse, feeding and cleaning requirements, as well as ordering/managing their own hay, feed, bedding, etc. 


The BHA offers a unique opportunity to “own” your horse’s care. Our DIY approach allows you to personalize and customize your own feeding and exercise schedule, within the parameters of the club, in a low-key and community-focused environment.

Interested in boarding at BHA? Contact us for stall availability.

Personal Stall

Monthly stall rental includes one 12'x12' well-lit stall with private corner cupboard for your personal storage. Each stall has direct access to a hose directly in front. Daily stall cleaning and bedding is the stall renter's responsibility.

In-Out Paddock

Every stall has an in-out attached paddock, approximately 12'x24'. Paddocks can be sand or hogfuel footing. Daily cleaning of the paddock is the stall renter's responsibility.

Loft Storage

Stall rental includes a 12'x12' loft storage directly above the stall for hay, bedding, grain and tack. Automatic hay drop feed timers may be installed in the loft for multiple daily feedings at the stall holder's discretion. 

Hot/Cold Wash Rack

Each of the three barns includes an outdoor wash rack for bathing horses with access to hot and cold water.


Each barn includes an indoor, heated washroom with access to hot and cold water.

Holding Paddock

In addition to the personal in-out paddock attached to the boarder's stall, each barn includes a larger communal holding paddock to turn individual horses out in during cleaning.

Stall renters enter into a Stall Sublease Agreement with the City of Burnaby and the Burnaby Horsemen's Association. Stall renters have access to all facility's amenities, including the indoor arena, outdoor rings and trail network.


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