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Founded in 2016 and with registered charity status since 2018, Urban Horse Project’s mission is to provide connections with horses in inclusive community settings to strengthen personal and community wellbeing. 


Urban Horse Project launched their Equine Assisted Learning program at BHA in 2017, and expanded to Southland Riding Club the following year. Since then, they have delivered 358 group sessions to 384 youth.

The program's facilitators are trained and certified by Cartier EAL.


UHP offers affordable and inclusive programing, prioritizing Burnaby residents for its Burnaby based programs, and currently partners with Burnaby Neighbourhood House, Burnaby Schools and community service organizations that serve diverse youth and  families living in Burnaby.

For more information, please contact the Urban Horse Project at

Equine Assisted Learning

Learning about, and with, horses. Life skills training.

For children and youth age 9-24

Delivered in a short series of weekly sessions.

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Pony Rides
Meet the Horses

Family visits and pony rides.

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Introduction to Horses

Introduction to horses, horsemanship and riding.

For children and youth age 8-16

Delivered in a short series of weekly sessions.

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Field Trips
All Ages

Learn about and meet the horses.

Available for Burnaby community organizations. 

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