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Did you know that historically Burnaby residents have a long history of horsemanship?

Horses and Humans had a partnership like no other in the 1900s long before The Burnaby Horsemen’s Association existed. These photos from The City of Burnaby's Heritage Archives capture a great story of what living in Burnaby was like

PHOTO 1 : Albert and Walter Lewis with child horse and dog in Burnaby in 1905

PHOTO 2: Kitty Hill sitting bareback on horse at family home on Deer Lake Avenue Burnaby in 1902

PHOTO 3: John Lubbock driving a horse-drawn buggy with friend on Grandview in Burnaby 1950s

PHOTO 4: Two women drive horse-drawn wagon through Burnaby in 190?

PHOTO 5: Young woman in riding apparel with horse in Burnaby between 1900-1910

PHOTO 6: Ainsly Lubbock with horse Pawnee Burnaby 1963

PHOTO 7: Young man riding horse in Burnaby 190?

PHOTO 8: Horse-drawn plough clearing 5288 Hardwick Street near Still Creek in Burnaby

PHOTO 9: John Lubbock with two horses at Burris Street/Canada Way farm in Burnaby 1930

PHOTO 10: Young boy pats horse in front of Burnaby home barn 190?

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